2 Courses Launching this Autumn for you to Create Your

 Location Independent Life

Virtual Assistant Course

Learn All the remote Skills you need with the virtual Assistant course 

Don't even know where to start? No online skills? No worries! Join our Virtual Assistant course at the Remote Skills Academy, where we'll teach you all the basics and how to become a virtual assistant pro. From zero to VA hero – that's what we're all about!


Business Design Academy

Business Design Academy I-II-III to Build Your Online Business from Scratch

In our 3-module course, we're spilling the beans on how to turn your cool business idea into cold, hard remote cash! No fancy jargon, just simple steps and real-world tips to get you going. We'll cover everything from the 'lightbulb moment' to making that sweet remote income. Get ready to make your biz dreams come true!


Business Design Academy / Class 23 -24 

30th of October

Whether you're starting from scratch or leveling up your current hustle, our Business Design Academy course is here to give you the lowdown on making it big remotely. It's for those who want to ditch the office and embrace the work-from-anywhere vibe. So, if you're ready to make those business dreams happen, hop on board!

I. From idea to offer: Market and Branding 

October 30, 2023

Let's start at the very beginning. In this first step, we're all about laying a strong foundation for your business. We'll delve into branding and understanding your target audience, helping you figure out what to sell and to whom.

II. Getting seen: Building the funnel

February 2024

Now, we're moving on to the next step, and here's the deal – not everyone needs social media. We'll explore different avenues for getting noticed, from online campaigns and driving traffic to other creative ways to shine in the online world.

III. Scaling and automations

April 2024 

Finally, we're ready for the big leagues! In this third and last step, we'll teach you how to delegate, scale up your operations, and make data your best friend. It's the ninja move to take your business to new heights!

Remote Skills Academy - Virtual Assistant Course

6th of November

 No online skills? No problem! We'll equip you with all the know-how and tools to conquer the VA realm. Join us if you're ready to kickstart your VA journey, no tech wizardry required! We are here to teach you the basics, that you will need to master to become a remote-pro. 

Skills you learn

Basic admin

How to organize emails, schedule a meeting, search on internet and use Google Drive professionally.

Project management

How to organize your and your clients time with some life-saving advices and applications.

Marketing STRATEGY

How to create social media strategy, content and design. Build funnel with great email marketing tools.

Web management

Basic knowledge to understand a Wordpress page and practical use of a visual building tool.

your Portfolio

Make a standalone LinkedIn profile and prepare your contract and portfolio before your first project.

Get a client

Learn to represent yourself and get to know online working platform to start your carreer.

Let's make 2024 

Your year of independence

Learn from amazing mentors from all around the world.