Host: Liz Zamudio

14th September (Thursday) 15:00-16:30

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Process Documentation Workshop

Process documentation is a crucial aspect of any successful business. Without documented processes, employees are confused, asking others for instructions, and wasting time. While process documentation can be a complex task, we can simplifiy it into five steps.

5 steps of process documentation

Identify the Process & Scope

Inputs, Outputs, & Boundaries

Process Steps & Order

Visualization and Control Points

Review and Test

Recommended for:


Looking to optimize and automate processes.

Business Owners 

Wanting to ensure consistency and accountability.

New Hires 

Eager to understand their roles within the organization.

Learn to streamline your business operations, saving time, effort, and ensuring consistency.

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Liz Zamudio

Liz Zamudio is the founder and leader of the Time & Tide Business Solutions. Liz has decades of  experience in organizational processes and has a strong passion for continuous improvement. She has worked alongside Six Sigma and LEAN experts as co-facilitator and project documentarian for process improvement initiatives. Her experience working with various companies including Farmers Insurance, Bank of America and Countrywide Capital Assets, has given her the framework to execute process documentation needs efficiently and effectively.


Process Documentation Workshop

14th September 15:00-16:30

  • interactive workshop with a professional
  • you can rewatch the record anytime
  • useful knowledge about process documentation
  • save energy and time in your business

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