BUsiness and digital nomad mentoring program

A three months 1:1 mentoring program for entrepreneurs,  freelancers and solopreneurs, to accelerate your finances, find goals and create incredible value for your customers. 

Why do you need a business mentor? 

Here I should add a photo of me on a sunny beach with my laptop but I will spare you.

I don't want to sell you dreams, I am here to talk to you about how this Digital Nomad Life really works. 

I receive hundreds of question about how to became digital nomad, but actually there is no short-cut for it. The only way is to work: work on yourself and your business. And then, when you have enough income to travel the world, then you will figure out the rest;)

That's why I made this three months mentoring for those, who are ready to make the next steps. I am looking for soloprenuers, entrepreneurs and freelancers, who are ready to take the next step.  I know you can do it alone, but it doesn't mean you should. 

During seven years of my digital nomad life, I have learnt many valuable lesson: and one is that freedom equals discipline. Even if you are having your own business, you will still need to learn to keep deadlines, run campaign, and most importantly: to zoom out from time to time to check if you are on the right track. 

In this mentor program I will be make you accountable for your own goals, help you get more organised, create structure, and excel your business. 

mesurable results 

For the first time, we will set

a three-months-long plan with accurate and mesurable results. This will guide us. 

1:1 consultation

Twice a months we will discuss in 50 minutes about your progression by the strategies and how we should optimize it.

Asana Boards

You will be working  on Asana boards, so that I can keep track on your progress between the calls. 

Voice messages

We not only work together on the bi-weekly calls, but also I am giving you advice via voice message when I see you get stuck. 

What is included in the program

I think I filled this mentorship with a lot of value. 

3 months hard work

We are committing to a 3 month program, because we this is the minimum amount of time needed to excel. 

Set KPIs

Besides our 3 month goals, we will monitor our success via KPIs. 

Precise strategy 

We will build up a strategy together to reach your goals.


I will often give you books, podcasts to learn and keep progressing.

Bi-weekly calls

Twice a month we will meet online to plan the next steps and check the progress.

Email and audio messages

During the week we keep in touch by email or voice messages, if you got stuck in your plan.

Free intro call

Hop on a call with me see if this program is for you.

Book your first free call now

Get a free appointment to the intro call. 

It's for you, if you...

...are an entrepreneur or freelancer

Or you are on the way to be. I am not a carrier coach, so if you don't know your next step, this might not be for you. 

...already have a goal in mind

It is big help if you already have an idea what to work on together. The strategy and the KPIs we will figure out together.

...need a system

If you feel that your time and attention falls apart, then we will concentrate on how to organise yourself better and keep on the track.

...want to be a digital nomad

I would love to help you on the way of become a digital nomad, while we work on your business development to find stability and get ready to work independently. 

...miss accountability

Most of the solopreneurs and the leaders are fighting with the problem of accountability and discipline. When you work together with some, deadlines become real:)


...need a team

Sometimes you need to tell  your thoughts to someone, who is not your employee or teammate. That attention that someone can give you, only to help YOU is priceless. 

Are you ready? 

Book a free call with me, so that I can learn more about your business and you. 

What they said about the Program

I have been working with Bori for 7 months.  She helps me on the bumpy road of being a solopreneur, such as pricing, building a personal brand or maintaining my routine. It was important for me to have a mentor who has a huge experience as a digital entrepreneur; and also who is a visionary.  Bori always helps me to raise (and then reach) the bar. Even-tough I work solo, I’m never alone.

Bedő Vica
Baszki Én is Podcast

I started working with Bori in 2017 when she taught me social media management as a mentor. In addition, she also helped me to switch my mindset. This is how I started my professional personal brand:  Zsolya Communication. Even now, when we don't work together, I still seek her business opinions. She has a completely different perspective in business and that comes really hand to cover my blindspots or limiting beliefs.

I am  forever grateful for her for believing in me right from the start. 

Szabó Orsolya -

Zsolya Communications

Since working with Bori, my mindset and attitude have completely changed. My fears and beliefs, which stood in the way of action, are transforming efficiently by taking the steps discussed and invented together with her. My confidence nourishes and keeps me moving. The regular meetings require a sense of accountability, a responsibility to take action to achieve my own goals. Being a dancer in business environment is challenging, but Bori’s supportive presence, comprehensive knowledge, and humor help me cross the inner blocks and finding my voice in which I can convey my message to people.

Ágness Grélinger - Dancer

Hi, I am Bori Vigh 

After being the head of Social Media for a Global Software company, Bori started her online marketing freelance journey working with clients like Adidas, HBO or Vodafone. This is when she became a full time digital nomad, and established her travel blog, that as of today is still one of the biggest in Hungary. She was the Chief Operation Manager and Head of Program of Nomad Cruise, now she owns and runs an epic Event and Retreat Center, and a Business Coaching company.