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Bori Vigh & Remote Skills Academy present you the basic skills and methods in a 4-week course to kickstart your journey as a VA.

Fundamentals from us, growth by you.

Learn the skills you need to become a VA

If you're brand new to the world of virtual assistants, our Certified VA program is your perfect launching pad. Whether you're taking your first steps into freelancing, rocking the stay-at-home parent life, or craving a career shift, we're here for you. Our program is designed not just to give you the basics but to hold your hand through the journey, ensuring you not only learn but thrive as a virtual assistant later. Let's start this exciting adventure together!

Basic admin

Keep your emails professional, schedule a meeting, search on internet and use Google products.

Project management

Organize your tasks and time and keep your client's projects on the track with useful Apps.

Marketing STRATEGY

Create social media strategy and email marketing content and design. Build your funnel easily.

Web management

Get a basic knowledge to start a Wordpress page and practical use of visual building tools.

your Portfolio

Make a standalone LinkedIn profile and prepare your contract and portfolio before your first project.

Get a client

Learn to represent yourself and get to know online working platform to start your carreer.


remote skills academy 


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What is Remote Skills Academy?

An impact-focused education platform for Indonesians who want to learn to work online, build successful remote careers and live life on their own terms.








Trainer & Mentors


We regularly update our content to keep you in the loop with the latest virtual assistant trends and technologies. Do you really understand what AI means? How to make an outstanding LinkedIn portfolio?


Get fresh insights and practical experiences from guest experts who are making waves in the virtual assistant field. Join our live or recorded interactive workshops to tackle complex tasks and learn the intricacies of the virtual assistant role.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE & Resource Library

Learn anytime, anywhere with our bite-sized, 10-30 minute lessons right on your phone. Only 4 hours a week and you're on top of your tasks! Access our resource library packed with supplemental materials and resources for in-depth learning.

Unlock English Proficiency

Our course is conducted in English to prepare you for the global market. But don't worry, we provide subtitles to help you improve your language skills while learning.

Learn Together, Thrive Together

Join our vibrant learning community, where you can connect with fellow students, ask questions, share insights, and collaborate on tasks. Learning is a team effort here!

Finish Strong with Personal Coaching

In the final week, our trainers provide one-on-one coaching to ensure you're all set to ace that final evaluation. Once you pass it, you'll earn your well-deserved Remote Skills Academy certificate.

Are you ready to be location iNdependent by next year? 


Our Team Members and Mentors

We're a talented crew, each with a unique skill set, all here to help your success. From customer care to our seasoned trainers, we've got your back on this remote skills adventure. Get to know us and make it happen! 

Lavinia Iosub

founder of rsa

She is the Founder of Remote Skills Academy. Managing Partner at Livit and business executive, experienced in building high-performance, cross-cultural teams.

Chalsie Janny


She's behind schedule organization and the crucial link connecting our team to RSA. She handles trainer coordination and delivers course content seamlessly.

Lia Sadia

ai mentor

She's passionate about empowering the next generation with in-demand remote skills like AI-powered Digital Marketing, Social Media Content Creation and she's here to share her expertise.

Bori Vigh

host & business mentor

Bori hosts this course in Hungary. As the friendly face guiding you through our calls, shares her expertise and provides a unique business perspective that enriches your learning journey.

Della Miranti

canva & notion mentor

As a proficient social media manager, she will be sharing her expertise on utilizing Canva and Notion for a session to use in wide range of VA tasks during the course.

Gabriella Paál


As one of our cohosts, she's here to assist you during our calls, addressing any questions related to payments and course content. She ensures the smooth flow of our course.

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Agnes Kay

linkedin and pm mentor

She knows what it takes to succeed and manage projects. During the course, she'll help you polish up your LinkedIn profile to stand out in the professional world.

Evina Yosiardi

virtual assistant

She will share her insights on developing the perfect VA mindset and draw from her wealth of experience to guide you and answer all your questions.

Check out the schedule

1.week - Basic admin


Live session with All

Opening Ceremony VA jobs & mindset


Email Management Scheduling meeting and calendar


Google Drive and Collaboration
Internet Research


Time Tracking Management


Live session with Evina

VA mindset & sharing experience



Introduction to project management


Manage project using Asana


Live session with Agnes

Project management 101


Social media strategy

Content and design


Live session with Della

Using Canva & Notion for various VA Tasks



Social media scheduling tools

Email marketing content structure


Email Marketing

How to set up and manage email marketing campaigns


Live session with Della

Learn on how to manage website using Elementor


Website 101

Wordpress and Elementor


Live session with Lia

Advanced ChatGPT & AI tools for marketing & content creation



Create portfolio using Notion


How to get clients

Online working platform and networking


Live calls

1-on-1 consultations with Trainers


Live Session with Agnes

LinkedIn 101


Live Session with All

Closing ceremony

"The Virtual Assistant course has truly transformed my perspective. I started as an employee used to following orders, but now I see the potential of being my own boss as a solo entrepreneur. What I loved most about the course were the supportive community and the very well-structured curriculum. It covered everything from the basics to landing actual clients, and the AI component has become an invaluable tool in my daily work."

Lilla Sándor ‧ Certified Behavior Analyst


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Pre-recorded material

Dive into our comprehensive pre-recorded materials at your own pace.

2 Live Sessions weekly

Join our live sessions every week for interactive learning and discussions.

Hand-out materials

Access hand-out materials to complement your studies and reference.


It's for you if you are...

  • taking your first steps into the digital realm and aiming to start a career from scratch.
  • a parent seeking flexibility to work around family commitments.
  • considering freelancing but unsure where to start.
  • seeking an extra income source or a part-time gig.
  • a recent grad and want to learn valuable, in-demand skills to kickstart your career.

Hear from the alumnis

When I signed up for the VA course, I hoped to learn something that would allow me to travel to my heart's content, but it gave me so much more. The team was absolutely stunning and knowledgeable, with an international vibe, so it also boosted my level of English. I would like to highlight the strength of the community with similar-minded folks and the super helpful 1-on-1 consultation opportunities.

Ágnes Szekeres


I recommend Bori's Virtual Assistant course not only to those who really want to become VAs, but also to those who want to work more effectively in their business, NGO or private affairs. The training is well structured and presents many useful tools (in several areas - from email marketing, productivity to social media) and everyone can decide afterwards which ones they want to deepen their knowledge in. 

Anna Boda

Google Employee

During the course, my confidence grew, and I connected with like-minded peers. I appreciated the assignments and feedback from expert teachers, especially the ChatGPT sessions and job-finding discussions. I'm now a freelance 'Account and Project Manager' for a Marketing Agency, managing projects and a community.

Eszter Csikós

Project Manager

100% Guarantee if not satisfied - until 7 days


If you have completed the course entirely and are not satisfied, I will refund 100% of the amount you paid until 7 days after the course has finished! I know that the material I have been working on for nearly 10 years is good, and that's why I offer this guarantee!

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